Washington Square Park: Summer fun

Washington Square Park: Summer fun

Summer_fun_WSP_M_Kobal_13 shot with the Sony RX100II

Ever since my first NYC visit many years ago I have been drawn to WSP, the variety of people and activities one encounters in this famous public park at the lower end of 5th Ave qualifies it as a heaven for street photographers. Every time I stroll across WSP it feels like a separate world, a neutral space, detached from the high paced rush one usually encounters on the streets of Manhattan. A place to relax and just hang and chill. The shots below are from a few walks with the Ricoh GR, the Fuji X100s and the Sony RX100II (which I mainly purchased to shoot video) check them out after the break















As much as I love the Fuji X100s I felt more comfortable with the Ricoh GR, mainly because it lacks Fuji’s blink factor and looks like an ordinary point and shoot. A real advantage when getting super close. I wish Fuji would release the X100s in black, not sure how much of a difference-if any-it would make but it wouldn’t blind people in bright sunlight and attract immediate attention. As for the Sony RX100 the same applies, just a tiny snap shot camera no one paid attention to, especially appreciated during video takes. As with the orig Rx100, I was very pleased with the photo quality, sure, there is a difference in sharpness on a per pixel level because of the AA filter, not a practical drawback in good light and properly re-sized to 16mp it can easily hold its own against the other two. As a street camera, the RX100II is not in the same league with the GR or X100s, the current kings of street photography.

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8 thoughts on “Washington Square Park: Summer fun

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    it comes down to personal preference. both make great street cameras, if you need low light performance, the X100s wins, if you like the option to change focal length and shoot mostly in daylight, the RX100II works great.

  2. robert

    I’ve been debating between the sony rx100ii vs the fujifilm x100s… In weighing the pros vs cons, the sony rx100ii seems to win. What makes fujifilm x100s more better camera when it comes to street photography?

  3. Kim

    I hate to keep bugging you but between the Fuji x100s and Richo GR for shooting JPEG files then which will give the best quality. The key word here is jpeg. To my shame I shoot with the lowest possible jpeg that is why I like a camera that gives a good output in spite of the low jpeg setting.

  4. mike.kobal Post author

    depends. fuji’s produce excellent jpegs. the best of all cameras available to date. raw comes in handy if you have to make serious exposure adjustments and need to tweak contrasts, color etc.

  5. Kim

    Is shooting in RAW really that important? I shot an image in raw and it looked no differently than when I create a jpeg. The only difference I saw was that the RAW file was larger.

  6. Soied

    Cool monochrome photos!
    I also have GR, X100 and Rx100 but could never get these wonderful results.
    I especially like DR and fade tone of shadow and hightlight.
    Excuse me, I wonder how to edit it. You used LR or ACR after shooting by raw? Pls let me know.

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