Fuji love: Insanely fast warranty repair turn around

Fuji gets so many things right,had an issue with the haptic feedback on the shutter button on one of my X-T2 bodies, filled out the online repair form, mailed it in on April 24th, it arrived at the repair center on April 25th, took one day to show up in Fuji’s repair tracking system, received an email on May 1st with the tracking#, problem fixed, repaired & total cleaning. Now that is insanely fast, 4 days. Kudos to Fuji and a big THANK YOU!

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Fuji GFX portrait session review

Raymond Verdaguer, studio session
Fuji GFX with Fujifilm GF 120mm f4 macro, ISO 100, 1/125 f11

Lets forget about crop factors, depth of field equivalencies for a minute
and take a look at how she performs during a portrait session.
Adorama was kind enough providing a loaner for a day and artist Raymond Verdaguer happened to be in town and was kind enough

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