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January 5, 2015

Brooklyn Creative: Alexis Williams

Meet one of the most talented up coming make up artists, Alexis Williams, hope you enjoy!
Field report and tech notes after the break

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December 24, 2014

Cameras most suitable for street photography: My top 5 picks

The best camera is the one that’s with you and this should put the iPhone or android device on top of this list.
Let’s ignore the phones for a moment and take a look at the latest digital cameras particularly suitable for street shooting. The term street photography these days lacks clear definition.
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December 21, 2014

Street shot of the day: seeing the future

shot at 1/125, f2.8 at ISO 5000
Shot with the Fuji X-E2 and the Fujinon 18mm f2. You can find incredible deals on ebay (brand new X E2 for under $600 and brand new 18mm pancake for under $300).

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December 15, 2014

Quick look at the Sony A7II, how does it compare and integrate with current A7 models

A quick video comparing the A7II with the A7s and A7r. A few things I should add:
You will need a fast 64 GB SDXC card to record in XAVC S codec, SDHC cards will only allow AVCHD.
I am using the PNY 64 GB SXHD, currently the best deal, I have been using these cards for a few month on the A7s without issues.

Relocated shutter button: makes perfect sense on the new grip, not a significant upgrade, since I don’t have a problem with the shutter location on current models.

AF speed: I don’t have the A7 any longer to do a side by side comparison, feels very snappy in good light, you even get the little dancing squares from the A6000 (only in wide af mode).

Sensor: same as in A7, I don’t mind the AA filter since it is very weak, however, this sensor without an AA filter would have been a nice upgrade.

Port access: I am not a fan of the new rubberized port covers on the A7II, the orig design was and is much better.

Who should get the A7II: anyone who misses image stabilization on their lenses.

Who shouldn’t get the A7II: A7s shooters, who don’t need the additional resolution. AF speed is about the same in bright light, in low light the A7s focuses faster and the insane high ISO easily makes up for the lack of IBIS.

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November 30, 2014

Model of the day: Irina

Irina5_5060 copy_color600

Another street style shot, this time with amazing Irina posing like it’s summer
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