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Snapshot of the day: getting ready: A7rii and 50mm 1.4

Shot with the Sony A7rII during the 2016 campaign shoot for AG hair.
I have been shooting with the A7rII since the day it arrived, everything from look books, catalogs, campaigns, 4k video, 120fps video, model shoots, low light portraits and street, I will post an in depth report in a couple of weeks.
Much to like about this very versatile camera, however, it isn’t perfect and there are a few gotchas I hope we can get fixed with a future firmware update…..stay tuned :)

Sony R10 II: Strobists De-Light?

bmx_mask_08141500283 copy1200px
last light on Houston street (mask by Juliana Lazzaro), shot with the Sony RX10II at ISO 64, f9 1/40 with the Godox Witstro AR400 in manual mode

Most reviews focus on the 4k and slow motion capacity of this camera, very impressive stuff, indeed, however, to some photographers, the ability to sync strobes up to 1/1000 might be more valuable

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