Giggle satellite dish positioning: Repair girl caught in action with X100s

Giggle satellite dish positioning: Repair girl caught in action with X100s

Not a decisive, but rather a terrorisive moment, impossible to miss, even with the camera turned off, the windows in my apartment rattled and seconds later the whole building trembled like a Chihuahua starring at a NYC rat. I took a deep breath and remembered X-trans-minator’s last words “Get aoouuuut now” grabbed my Fuji X100s and headed up to the roof
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Mar252013_0640 copy
no wonder Giggle drools the world, they don’t screw around but rather pull it off. With incredible determination and will power, Giggle’s repair girl did not waste any seconds, shutter leaf was her middle name.

3_Mar252013_0531 copy

10000 volts would certainly kill you but Giggle girl knew her amperage and cruised through this hairy moment unharmed

5_Mar252013_0548 copy

Mar252013_0840 copy
a quick break on the Giggle ladder before she hopped on her Rush Hour to beat the traffic to her next assignment……to be continued.

7_Mar252013_0775 copy

I WILL BE BACK to fix a few spelling errors-getting off the roof now to capture Giggle girl with the X-trans-sensor, no need to remind me, I can sink of it selber.

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4 thoughts on “Giggle satellite dish positioning: Repair girl caught in action with X100s

  1. David

    Hi Mike, I’ve been trying out the new x100s over the past week and have posted many pictures – – so you can check them out. I have to agree with you, the upgrades are significant and worthwhile for regular shooters. Your website, composition & blogs are wonderful – thanks, cheers, David

  2. Rami

    Was it shot with the wide angle adapter?

    (p.s. is your spam protection system intended to exclude dyslexic from your site? :) )

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