Fujifilm x100s

How to choose a mirrorless camera system to replace your DSLR’s

Over the last few month, I received a few requests for advice, mostly from Canon and Nikon shooters asking which mirrorless system to choose to replace their DSLR kit, not photographers just looking for a secondary camera system, this is important because my priorities wouldn’t be the same. Below is a list you might find helpful for your decision :
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Fuji X100s, Ricoh GR, Nikon Coolpix A: compared

I have been shooting with the Ricoh GR lately, really like the camera and found it to be a serious competitor for the Fuji X100s – from a street photographer’s point of view. It ain’t pretty-the GR- but the boring point and shoot look can be an advantage, the camera draws little to no attention compared to the X100s. And since the D800E is my current bread&butter camera I included the Coolpix A in this comparison. I hope you will find it useful: A few things I should have mentioned in the video:
1) Low light AF performance: Neither the Ricoh GR nor the Nikon Coolpix A work well in low light, lots of hunting, a frustrating experience.
2) If you shoot raw with the GR- playback is limited to 3x magnification and produces artifacts. Work around: shoot small jpegs+raw.
3) Battery life on the GR is quite good and very good if you turn of the LCD while in snap mode and use the optical viewfinder.
3) I will post the link to the Ricoh wide angle adapter once it becomes available.

You can get the Fuji X100s here at BH and here at Adorama
The WCL-X100 Wide-Angle Conversion here at BH and at Adorama
The Rico GR here at BH and Adorama
the external viewfinder GV-1 here at BH
The Nikon Coolpix A here at BH and here Adorama
The Nikon D800E here at BH and Adorama (great deal)
You can also find great deals searching Ebay for these cameras.

Strobists delight: the leaf shutter advantage of the Fuji X100s

Lina holding my Quantum flash with Softbox, custom braket and the X100s

The innovative 4 bladed leaf shutter in the Fujifilm x100s has two major advantages over focal plane shutters, silent, almost inaudible operation for candid photography and flash sync at all shutter speeds. Today I will share tips on how to use professional grade strobes to achieve stunning lighting in challenging and bright outdoor scenarios, what to watch out for during shoots and a list of suitable strobes I came across during my search for a powerful yet light weight and reasonably priced flash system to use with my X100s.
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