For The Moment: Natalia. Super Slow Motion

For The Moment: Natalia. Super Slow Motion

For The Moment: Natalia. Super Slow Motion from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Another one of my “less is more” clips, one take, one lens, one

light. (we shot three takes and one was just amazing and I left it pretty much in sequence, just cut the blinks and yawns out) Edited in Ae and slowed down with Twixtor to 20%, shot at 720/60p with the Panasonic Gh1 and my new Nokton 25mm f0.95 at f2.8, my new mono led and a couple of reflectors. Glidecam 4000. Enjoy! If you like what you hear:
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14 thoughts on “For The Moment: Natalia. Super Slow Motion

  1. JOnas

    Hi Mike!

    Inspiring as I am just about to get into vidomaking with my still equipment. Great soundtrack on this one.. What is it? / Cheerio

  2. Frozen Fashion

    Hello Mike:)

    Another truly inspiring and just gorgeous to watch video!

    I posted this on my little mighty fun blog!

    When you visit have a look to at my most popular posts and you will see the last short film of yours I posted listed.

    Hope you like my post



  3. Pravin

    Great video Mike!

    Im just wondering what your shutter speed was on the video? I’m just starting to experiment with slo mo, 720/60p and twixtor and im trying to get the warping down to a minimum! I am wondering if a higher shutter speed (1/2000) would make the warping less than with say the recommenced 1/60 for 60fps


  4. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Rolf. there is def some warping going on but not too bothersome, the moving hair def helps. the glide cam is nice, I prefer a light camera set up, have tried it with 5d2 and heavy lens, still works but it gets heavy. It will depend on what type of lens you put on the AGAF

  5. Rolf Silber

    Hi Mike,

    great work. How well did Twixtor get along with the material? Guess the structure of moving hair helps a lot to avoid or hide warping. What is your estimation about glide cam – you think it may be strong enough to work with the AG-AF?

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