Model Of The Day: Nina

Model Of The Day: Nina

Nina, from Ford, starts off my “Go See” series. Castings are usually hectic

and I snap a few shots of each girl, either to see who fits the specific look I am casting for or just trying to capture the “real girl” for future reference. Sometimes in natural light, or very specific light to simulate the look required for the assignment. I will post photos I feel have captured the essence of the girl or have another unique quality to them. Hope you enjoy!
Shot with the Canon Eos 550D and the Sigma 30mm 1.4 at aperture 2.0, natural light (window), converted to b/w in ACR, no retouching or any other Photoshop manipulation.
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12 thoughts on “Model Of The Day: Nina

  1. Marco

    Many thanks Mike,
    one more question.
    Is ACR always the best way to convert B/W?…or Lr (Lightroom/Treatment/Grayscale) makes the same?
    What way is the best for you? What do you think about it?
    Thanks again,
    Your blog info is very important to me

  2. mike.kobal Post author

    I always shoot raw and convert in post, gives you the most control over the look you want to achieve. Picture style doesn’t matter when shooting raw.

  3. marco

    Thanks Mike.
    Best way for great B/W photos is to shot in Monocchrome picture style selection on camera or to convert Neutral Color picture style photo to B/W in ACR?. What do you think about?
    What selection is the best for you? I have a Canon 5DMKII…

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