the tale:karolina, Canon 5D2, 50mm 1.2

the tale:karolina, Canon 5D2, 50mm 1.2

the tale: karolina from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

A quick video shot after the photo session, we had about one hour

before the sun was gone. Sometimes less is more, one camera, one lens, 5D2 and the 50mm 1.2. Zacuto Z finder, bean bag. It’s so easy to get carried away by too much gear while planning a shoot, of course it is wise to be ready and bring options, esp if there are a few unknowns. In this case I knew what we would be doing, was familiar with the location etc. A few words on the 50mm 1.2, although I love the lens, esp wide open, it does have focusing issues using af while using the optical viewfinder. In live mode, it isn’t a problem to hit the focus. All clips where shot at 1.2 wide open, using a vari filter to compensate for light intensity.
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15 thoughts on “the tale:karolina, Canon 5D2, 50mm 1.2

  1. David Gregory

    Fab video.. thanks for posting :)

    How was this processed? I’ve tried various plug ins etc for Premiere, but none look as good as this. Can you please give a run through of how this video was processed?



  2. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Hupert. No diffusers, no reflectors (the silver paint on the roof helped), just sun down. ND vari filter to control light intensity. (link in txt below video)

  3. Whobe

    OK – I just read it was natural light only. Wow. This was really magic hour.
    Any hints on the reflectors, diffusers setup?

  4. Whobe

    Awesome images. One of the best stuff I’ve seen so far shot on DSLR. An eye-candy…
    I would greatly appreciate if you disclosed further technical details… What lighting/grip setup did you use? Any large lights involved? Overhead butterflies? On camera filters (diffusion, grad NDs)?

  5. Jay

    Amazing I like 50mm lens as well. I love your comment “Sometimes less is more”
    Thanks for great work! I enjoyed it very much

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