Model of the day: Yanina

Yanina needed new body shots and this is one of my favorites! Shot with the A7s and the Zeiss 24-70mm at f4 at 70mm.
I am keeping both, the cheap kit lens, mainly for video on the b cam and the Zeiss for stills/video.
The A7s is in stock at BH, Adorama and you can already find deals on eBay. NOTE: if you need your camera to shoot NTSC and PAL, you need to get an import from eBay, the USA version doesn’t record PAL :(

The man behind Littman 45 Single Opus+ Arte Collection: William Littman


Portrait of William Littman, shot with the Nikon D800e and the Nikkor 135mm DC.

Film isn’t quite dead yet, I met William Littman yesterday at Adorama, he was looking at the latest digital cameras, JUST KIDDING, of course he was not, he is the guy who
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