Model of the day: Yanina

Model of the day: Yanina

Yanina needed new body shots and this is one of my favorites! Shot with the A7s and the Zeiss 24-70mm at f4 at 70mm.
I am keeping both, the cheap kit lens, mainly for video on the b cam and the Zeiss for stills/video.
The A7s is in stock at BH, Adorama and you can already find deals on eBay. NOTE: if you need your camera to shoot NTSC and PAL, you need to get an import from eBay, the USA version doesn’t record PAL :(

7 thoughts on “Model of the day: Yanina

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Peter! Yes, you want the A7s. As for video, it beats anything under 10k. Absolutely amazing. I am also using it for portraits and full figure shots, I love the sensor, very film like noise/grain pattern.
    It beats the 5D3 in every aspect except af performance and resolution. as for video, af behavior with FE lenses is on par with Sony’s pro video cams. No focus pumping, nice and smooth.

  2. Peter Miranda

    I mean A7S Low light version…
    Is your A7S that version?
    Or am i confused with the 7R and 7S?

  3. Peter Miranda

    Heya Mike, hope your well?

    Im going to invest in the Sony A7R when it comes out….
    low light is crazy..
    What are your thoughts?

  4. Eduardo

    congratulations ! perfect light that you bring us and art direct , great photo showing the beauty ! Thanks Mike and Yanina !

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