Street photo of the day: Symmetry: and a few thoughts on the new Fuji X-E2

Street photo of the day: Symmetry: and a few thoughts on the new Fuji X-E2

good old times, shot with the Fuji X-E1 and the 18mm 2.0

As you probably noticed after I started shooting with the X100s, the X-E1 stayed in the drawer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the X-E1, I still consider it one of the best Leica alternatives, however, the silent shutter and the faster af speed on the X100s just make a lot more sense for my type of shooting. As expected, Fuji upgraded the X-E2 with their latest X-trans sensor and made a few minor improvements that should help put an even bigger smile on the photographers face. Should you upgrade if you have the X-E1? I sure would, af speed is important to me and every little bit counts. I won’t get one since I am using the X100s and the GR as my main street cameras – both with silent shutters, a huge plus for street photography. If you already have the X-E1 and are happy with it, there really is no need to upgrade. If af speed has been an issue for you, give it a try, there will be a noticeable improvement in af speed, however, don’t expect a miracle, the X-E1’s af speed is already pretty good. Kudos to Fuji for listening and continuously releasing cameras that make most of us smile and enjoy photography all over again!
You can preorder the X-E2 here at BH, black body only, , silver body only, black X-E2 with kit lens, or silver body with kit lens.
And you can preorder all new Fuji X-E2 configurations here from Adorama.

4 thoughts on “Street photo of the day: Symmetry: and a few thoughts on the new Fuji X-E2

  1. gao

    Mike, I have the XF 23mm f1.4 on order. I will also be getting the XE1 to use with this lens.

    But it just dawned on me, the slightly slower X100s is only a few hundred dollars more than the cost of the 23mm. What do you think about that?

    I can still use the XE-1 with the 18-55 kit , but for a few hundred more I can have a second body, leaf shutter, etc.

  2. mike.kobal Post author

    I know exactly what you mean, John, that’s the reason the X trans sensor is my favorite APSC sized sensor. I found raw files from the Nex 5N and the Nex 7 to be quite good, A77 and A99, not so much. Nikon really knows how to optimize their sensors. I wouldn’t look any further and be totally satisfied with the Fuji System – if it weren’t for video, which has become a vital part of my work now. And when it comes to video, Sony is very hard to beat.

  3. JSturr

    From the initial jpg images from the A7 series I’m not seeing anything very exciting. This didn’t really hit home until I saw the new Fuji XE-2 released images last night and my thoughts were vindicated about the Sony files. The A7 files have no soul – and I don’t want to just say “Pop” – because it’s more than that. There is a secret rendering sauce, that even when shot in raw, Sony just doesn’t get/have, when against Fuji and Nikon. I don’t know what it is — as I really want to like the A7 – but now I’m leaning toward the developments coming from Fuji and may have to be satisfied with APS-c and these new “X” series systems. I also surprised no one is really talking about this aesthetic.

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