Model of the week: Lyndsey Scott: street style

Model of the week: Lyndsey Scott: street style

Absolutely amazing work in front of the camera. Lyndsey Scott does street style. Shot with the A7s and the Zeiss 55mm wide open.

7 thoughts on “Model of the week: Lyndsey Scott: street style

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    The A7r files are crisper and superior in every way at low and normal ISO. The A7s sensor starts to shine from ISO3200 upwards. Dynamic range is still there and I can tweak the raw files like a ISO400 file. I love the the noise pattern from 6400 up to 25600, very film like, thanks to the low pixel count.

  2. Andy

    That sounds interesting. Do you mean that that the Image quality of A7r and s are quite similar and the differences are less noise (a7s) and higher resolution (A7r). What is about dynamic range under normal light conditions? Is it true that the A7r has an advantage?

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks Andy! As long as you don’t need huge files and the ability to crop in post, the raw files look great. It is nice to shoot at ISO 3200 and have it look like ISO 400 or even 200! The low light capacity of that sensor is quite amazing.
    I am using for low light shooting and portraits. With the A7r and A7s I can now cover 90% of my assignments.

  4. Andy

    Hello Mike, nice images! How do you like your A7s for stills compared to the A7 and the A7r?

  5. Vlado

    I’ve decided to sell the Sony A7 and get the Fujifilm X-T1.
    I tested the Fuji camera in-store today and the RAW images looked sharper (to me) and less compressed compared
    to the Sony.
    An absolute personal opinion of course!

  6. mike.kobal Post author

    Personally, I find the A7’s image quality slightly superior to the 5Dmk3 based on how and what I shoot. I always preferred Nikon raw files over Canon raw and the Sony raw files come very close to the Nikon “look”. The only reason I ended up shooting with Canon for a couple of years was video. Could it be that you prefer the look of the Canon rendering? My impression, Canon produces Ektachrome like files and Nikon has a print film like look. You can email (click on photo tab, top left and then the info button) me but this topic is certainly of interest to my readers since many of them are Canon shooters, let’s continue in this thread.

  7. Vlado

    I couldn’t find an email link, so I”m posting my question in comments. (how can someone send you an email?)
    I recently purchased a Sony A7 but am feeling frustrated with the image quality.
    My partner has even commented on the images not looking as good as my Canon 6D.
    I read somewhere that Sony actually compresses the RAW file, so when uploading to Lightroom the images aren’t actually lossless files.
    I read somewhere that you used to be a Canon 5D shooter, how have you found the image quality?

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