Lower East Side People: Canon 5D mark II

Lower East Side People: Canon 5D mark II

Lowa East Side People: Canon 5D mark II from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Video portraits: The idea was to shoot video that looks like “breathing” photographs and use transitions that look like closing and opening aperture blades on a large format camera. The east village is the perfect place for this kind of project, known for its diverse community, one will find the most interesting faces to photograph. Tripod, 5D2 with 100mm 2 and 75mm-150mm, one afternoon of shooting. Enjoy! Music: http://mathieu.lozinguez.free.fr/

20 thoughts on “Lower East Side People: Canon 5D mark II

  1. Geoffrey

    I noticed you said you used daylight. Did you use any reflectors or control at all? Loved the end results. And I liked the soundtrack.

  2. Spygg

    Beautiful!!! What picture style did you use, and what kind of grading? I’d love to replicate these wonderful hard contrasty look where every pore of the skin shows. Any tips?

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  4. stephane cocke

    nice piece you did !

    i’m wondering what kind of lighting you used ?


  5. LES

    beautiful images but what up with the oom-pa-pa music. That I would change. A bit cliche of the same tired tenement-era LES. PIck it up and back it to something else.

  6. Hugo Neto

    Just came across this by pure chance and i was astonished by the original idea, very creative!
    And the result is simply amazing! You have my respect for this work, good job!!!


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