High Line Twilight: Canon 7D, ISO 6400, 720/60p

High Line Twilight: Canon 7D, ISO 6400, 720/60p

High Line Twilight: Canon 7D, ISO 6400, 720/60P from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Update: Finally had a chance to finish this little project, a few new clips from another walk on the high line, this time the iso was limited to 3200. the clip at 1:12 was shot at iso 1600. Most color was shot during twilight and total darkness, iso ranging from 1600 to 6400.the b/w was shot at iso 400 during daylight hours . After running noise reduction the 6400 shots at 1:30, 1:38. 2:20 through 3:30 look much improved, not ideal but usable. I will limit my highest iso setting to 3200 and only use 6400 for emergencies. The camera produces the best quality from iso 100 to iso 2000, and 2000 looks like iso 400 on many other cameras!
The 7D is definitely a bit noisier then the 5D2 but hey, its okay, the images obtained are unobtainable with most other cameras. Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 (my back up lens) lots of shots wide open, very sharp. Tokina 11-16mm and 12-24mm, Nikon 75-150mm.The clips are mostly ungraded, except for noise reduction, b/w was done in post, some clips slowed to 24p, some sped up. Music: Hiding on the Hill, by Dikayl Rimmasch.

21 thoughts on “High Line Twilight: Canon 7D, ISO 6400, 720/60p

  1. alberto

    Hi I m an italian DP, and I m about to go and shoot a film in Argentina where I have to remake (fake) 1942 B/w we will shoot with 7D with PL mount and zeiss primes.
    I searched for 7D B&W and looked at your wonderfull video congrats, and great music I would like to ear more from musician.

    I would like to ask you have you tried or done test to shoot video in monochrome feature.


  2. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Roland. I ran noise reduction in post, camera setting on disable, shutter was 1/30 and 1/60, since I shot wide open I did focus to infinity using magnified live view.

  3. Roland Comfort

    Did you set highlight tone priority on or off? Was high iso speed noise reduction set at standard, low, strong, or disable? Was your shutter speed 60 or 120? Really great video!! On those landscape shots, did you focus at infinity or use hyperfocal distance?

  4. CHENG

    I like the video, even though it’s not always consequent, but in its message still coherent and beautiful… Thank you!

  5. KahL

    Very nice work, found you through Vimeo as well.
    For post, what NLE do you use? I specialize in PPRO CS3/CS5 and have used FCP at work. Which do you love using the most?

    Thanks :-)

  6. Alpha Ace

    wow~ that was the best for Mac ^^

    unfortunately i was using PC and all i got was the PowerDirector 7

    thanks for the sharing. I love most of your videos~

  7. Alpha Ace

    I really love your videography and it was awesome.

    I do not have 7D but 500D instead. Gonna learn more on video editing though.
    By the way, do you mind sharing what software that you are using for this video editing?

  8. Cameron Scott

    Beautiful work, and an education on digital filmmaking. Thanks for the help, and inspiration. You have convinced me to choose Canon over Panasonic or anything else, after looking at your work. I have been using a 150.00 Sony Sureshot point and shoot. “Now I want to play with grown up equipment like the 7D.”

  9. Nathan

    Thanks for your time to show us just what this camera can do. After watching your video I went out purchased a Canon 7D for myself. But Please tell me the name of the music that’s playing in the video. I’m a Jazz lover and I would like to purchase it.

  10. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks guys. I am using neat video and it works. hard to say, 5d or 7d, prefer the 7d for frame rate choice, the 5d for low light shooting.

  11. Terry Welton

    I have looked at several of your videos and see you are using the 5D and 7D. Do you have a preference between the two?

  12. Gaston

    I’ve been playing with my new 7D and Final Cut for the last couple of days. Works right away but if you want to do lots of editing you should transcode to ProRes as it is much less processor intensive than the native codec.

    What are you using for noise reduction? I tried Neat Video but I am not impressed with the results.


  13. Dennis

    I’ve been using the 7D for a couple weeks now, works great with my Macbook Pro. Haven’t tested it with Final Cut yet, but downloading videos off the camera with iPhoto (yes, iPhoto) has worked just fine.

  14. Patrick

    Hey Mike!

    GREAT videos, found you through Vimeo. I had a quick question for you because I’m looking into purchasing my own HDV cam in the next few months. I’ve been pretty set on the Panasonic HVX-200A, however I’ve been talking to a few people and I’m more and more interested in the Canon 7D, coming from a photography background and now transitioning to HD video.

    Can you just plug the 7D in to a MacBook Pro and capture the video clips straight into Final Cut? Is it through a Firewire connection or USB?

    I’m interested in shooting independent short films, interviews, documentary shorts, music videos, and art pieces. Would you say that I might be better off with the 7D?

    Thanks for your time! Keep the great videos and 7D tests coming!

    -Patrick Avilés

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