Decisive (Fuji X-E1) Moments

Decisive (Fuji X-E1) Moments

Fuji X-E1, 35mm f1.4, f 4, s 1/2000, ISO 200

Fuji created quite a buzz when they introduced the X100 back in September 2010.
With the X Pro1 in 2012 the buzz continued. Fuji showed the camera industry that they have balls and introduced rangefinder inspired cameras because deep down and high up in the company were human beings who liked photography, not just robots behind spreadsheets looking to maximize profits.
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They got so many things right that I really didn’t understand all the operational quirks. I still don’t. The forums were swamped with desperate pleas for firmware updates.
Fuji listened and fixed most major flaws and proofed once again that they cared.

With the recent release of the X-E1 they got even more things right. And they keep releasing firmware updates. There might even be 100% raw support in the upcoming Phase One release.
I like Fuji because they listen and are passionate about their products. (Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Fuji-unfortunately-and I have to purchase my gear like everyone else :()

I have been shooting with the X-E1 for a couple of weeks and I love it. I am posting these images because a few of you emailed and asked about spontaneous shooting and af speed.
I have been mostly working on portraits and street but snapped the following images a couple of weeks ago while I waited to meet my gf during her lunch break. Probably one of the last summer days and everyone was in a good mood. There was plenty of light and I knew the 18mm wouldn’t have problems focusing-and it didn’t-however I was surprised how well the 35mm handled focus. I was able to get plenty tack sharp shots of kids running through the water fountains. Of course AF speed could have been a tad faster but at the end of the day it only lagged a fraction of a second behind the best and was certainly good enough to capture the “moment”.

Fuji X-E1, 35mm f1.4, f2.5, s 1/2000, ISO 200
Fuji X-E1, 18mm f2.0, f 4.0, s 1/500, ISO 200
Fuji X-E1, 18mm f2.0, f 2.0, s 1/4000, ISO 200

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11 thoughts on “Decisive (Fuji X-E1) Moments

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  2. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks Don! Everything was shot raw, then converted to dng and processed in ACR. Contrast up to 100%, Clarity around 80%, shadow lift, and local dodging and burning. Could have been done back in the days in the darkroom :)

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Ron, video looks very processed, very strong jello, no manual controls, no ae lock and the focusing motor noise screws up sound. Any iPhone delivers better footage. Coming from the Nex 7 you will be disappointed.
    Forget video, this is a camera for purists :-) hope this helps

  4. ron greer

    Hi Mike, I’m closer than ever to clicking the buy button (and selling my Nex 7). How about the video, have you had a chance to give it a try? So far I have only read pretty negative reviews of the video performance but none have said why. I’m just looking to do micro video-stock and promo pieces.

    cheers, ron

  5. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Bernhard, I experimented quite a lot with different AF configurations and found the best setting to be AFS single center point. The size of the AF window depends on the subject, I usually leave it at the default size or the largest window. In this case everything was shot in AFS mode, single center Point/largest window

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