A few good reasons to keep the Sony RX100II in your pro bag

A few good reasons to keep the Sony RX100II in your pro bag

If you have been following this blog you probably remember that I really enjoyed using the orig Sony RX100. Truly pocketable no nonsense image tool with full manual controls for photos and video. (Link to shots from a Paris trip and a video with super model Jessi M’Bengue.)
I am liking the Sony RX100II even more -mainly because of the articulated LCD and the 1080/24p option. I am not using it as a main camera for anything, however, I wouldn’t leave for a location shoot without it. Especially for video gigs.
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The 24p option produces incredible results and quite frankly I am surprised this camera hasn’t received more praise for its video capabilities. Footage shot at low ISO and 24p is so good that it easily integrates with clips from pro grade cams like the FS100 or FS700 . Of course the 1″ sensor has its limitations, shallow DOF won’t blow you away and it can’t keep up at high ISO settings.
Clips are straight ooc, until 02:10.

Active image stabilization, af behavior in video mode and its close up capabilities make it even more valuable for tights spots when a larger camera/lens would make it very difficult or even impossible so shoot.

The perfect little camera. Now if Sony would have spec’t it with a sensor with no low-pass filter, it would have been more the perfect :)

Improvements over the orig RX100:
Articulated LCD
slightly better low light performance (1/3~1/2 stop)

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