Voigtlander Nokton 25mm F0.95 Sample Street Photographs Photos Images

Voigtlander Nokton 25mm F0.95 Sample Street Photographs Photos Images

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After my previous blog post (low light video with this lens) I received many emails asking for sample photographs,

so here we go: I shot these today on my way up to Central Park to watch the NYC Marathon. The Nokton was mounted on the Panasonic GH1. I also had a Vari filter on the lens which was left on all the time except for the shots in the subway. The aperture was set to 1.4 for all shots. The vari filter allowed me control the shutter speed for video while keeping the aperture wide open in bright daylight.
My impression of this lens so far:
@0.95 slightly soft in the center and in the corners, but sharpens up nicely in ps, extreme corners are very soft, very usable overall.
@1.4 very sharp in the center and in the corners, extreme corners are still soft.
@2.0 extremely sharp in the center and in the corners, extreme corners are still soft.
The corner softness does not bother me since I am planning to use this lens pretty much wide open all the time, so far I am very impressed.
The built quality is excellent, the focusing ring is fantastic, very well dampened and it is very easy to pull focus during video takes. The Nokton is longer than one would expect a standard lens to be (70mm w/o the lens hood, which is metal and just as nicely made as the lens)
When I placed the order I wasn’t aware of its close up capabilities, the Nokton focuses down to 6.7inches (0.17m) which results in a magnification ratio of 1:3.9. Very nice indeed.
Raw captures, B/W conversion, slight contrast enhancement, done in ACR. No retouching or additional manipulation.
UUPDATE: ipad users, you can watch the youtube slide show here.
You can also check my sets at flickr here and here.
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7 thoughts on “Voigtlander Nokton 25mm F0.95 Sample Street Photographs Photos Images

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Paul, it really depends on the Iso setting and how the image is being treated in post. I process it at 25mp and Iso 100 has a nice “film grain” look and I can easily print 16x20inches, Iso 320 to 800 starts to look very chunky in the “grain” like tri x pushed too much, which I don’t mind, very film like (with faults) but I would only go to 11x14inch

  2. Paul Weber

    Hey Mike…. awesome pics for being “just a test”!!
    Just out of curiosity, how big could you print them before the pixels would show up?

    Kind regards from Switzerland


  3. Dave Grant

    The Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 looks like a good lens to have. I was interested to see what this lens looks like wide open. Thanks for your review and samples. Your stills and videos are always something I find inspiring. You have a good eye and great creativity. – Dave G

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