the courier trailer: johnny diamandis: Sony SLT A77 and Nex 5N

the courier trailer: johnny diamandis: Sony SLT A77 and Nex 5N

We mounted the Sony Nex 5N with the 16mm and the fisheye conversion lens on the bike rack, secured a short stand with a super clamp and lots of Gaffa tape. For the close ups we used the Sony A77, mostly with the kit lens wide open. Everything was shot in natural light. Impressions shooting with the A77:

The EVF and articulated LCD make shooting in tight places a breeze, image stabilization works great, esp noticeable during close up takes and handheld shooting. MF on the 16-50mm f2.8 kit lens is nice, feels very well damped, not quite as good as with solid mf lenses (like the Rokinon) but good enough to feel secure despite the very short focus throw. One glitch, when shooting video in MF (regardless if the lens is electronically coupled or not) with the A77, it is not possible to magnify the image for accurate focusing, the EVF and focus peaking will suffice in most conditions but for critical focusing we need to be able to zoom in. I hope Sony will fix this with their next firmware upgrade.
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below the version as seen on Johnny’s website

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7 thoughts on “the courier trailer: johnny diamandis: Sony SLT A77 and Nex 5N

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  2. Jay

    Thanks for the prompt reply… still got mull over it but you helped clarify some things…I’ll be sure to purchase through your site.. thanks again

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Jay, as a serious video tool, the new firmware just released, and the crazy deal available at BH right now, I would totally go with the GH2 as an all rounder, you can use it in a professional situation, seriously you can’t show up with the 5n alone on a job. As for image quality, in headlines, the 5N shines for beauty, fashion, weddings, anything glamour related, and is a bit better in low light then the GH2, however, sound unusable (much better on GH2) and overall, you have physical controls and sharper/higher resolution output with the GH2, definitely a much better all round camera, so if you shoot a lot of skin and don’t need sound, go with the 5N, for everything else, GH2.

  4. Jay

    Hey Mike… great stuff.. Since you have the chance to use both the GH2 and NEX-5N, which would you say is the best all around camera for the money (since they are comparatively priced). My work centers around video primarily but I enjoy photography as a way to see things from a slightly different (still) perspective. Also, would you say the larger sensor on the 5N really creates a noticeable difference in shallow depth shots. Look forward to your reply… keep up the good work.

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