Summer Fun: New Toys: Olympus Pen E P3 and 12mm 2.0

Summer Fun: New Toys: Olympus Pen E P3 and 12mm 2.0

My Olympus 12mm 2.0 finally arrived and this is a killer lens! At last a flawless wide angle prime for street photographers!
I am totally stoked with this little

The Good:
Very well built full metal body
Extremely fast AF and unique snapshot setting with hyper focal depth of field scale
Very good quality wide open (center excellent)
Excellent quality from aperture 4.5 to 8 (corner to corner)
Very good quality from 8.5 to 22!
The not so good: I would prefer a black finish
The ugly: Can’t think of anything!
Every serious street photographer should have one in his/her camera bag.
And after playing with the Olympus Pen E P3 for about a day I am similarly impressed. Very capable street camera, let’s face it, a fast, direct way to set manual focus is just as important as excellent AF speed. With the new Olympus Pen and the 12mm there will be many more great shots taken and not missed! Exciting times, lets go out and shoot! All photos below are shot with the 12mm on either the GH2 or the Pen E P3.
UPDATE: In case you are wondering about the Panasonic 100-300mm, just posted a few shots and my impressions here.

Thank you.


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13 thoughts on “Summer Fun: New Toys: Olympus Pen E P3 and 12mm 2.0

  1. gordon


    do you thing is it enough a filter 52mm to don t have vignet on picture with olympus 12mm ( filter 46mm ) ?
    otherwise what size ?

    and for the noktor 12mm what use of size of filter nd ?

    have a good time

  2. gordon

    Hi Mike

    i didn t understand …what is a step down ring ?
    do y have a link website ?

    best regards

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    the Olympus is definitely better then the SLR Magic, you just have to use a step down ring to fit the ND filter works on both, have fun shooting, gordon!

  4. gordon

    Hello Mike

    i tried to send you an email to your adress …reject … out of order ?

    Hello Mike from France

    first test made today about slr magic 12mm noktor 1.6

    did you try it ?

    i have a question for these two lenses ….noktor 12 mm 1.6 and olympus 12mm 2

    price different….olympus auto focus ok, but more expensive because better than noktor ?

    what is the sharper ?

    i use for the moment one GH2 and 1442 zoom, panasonic is too long to put on the market one 1235 zoom with constant aperture

    since 3 months i make many clips in my city…and i use 90% of time the wide 14 ( equ 28mm )

    about noktor and olympus …is it possible for each of theses lenses …to put a rubber lens shade with a fader nd ?

    what circle of fader nd for olympus 46 mm ?

    lends shade in the box of olympus 12mm ? possible to put with it a nd fader ?

    have a good time Mike

    in waiting your answers …i wish you many pretty pictures


  5. mike.kobal Post author

    it is a great little cam, unfortunately no, tried hooking up my Cineroid (works great with my GH2 and 5D2 etc) but it doesn’t work on the EP3

  6. Rinaldo

    Great news Mike. Thinking about adding this lovely toy (the EP3) to my m43 ‘collection’… I’m the owner of 2 GH2s… :)
    May I ask you a question, does the hdmi out provides live video to an external monitor, like it does on the GH2??
    Thx for all the info!

  7. krishtr

    Thanks for the nice video. Can you tell me what settings did you use on your EP3 for the sample images posted above – Natural/Vivid/i-Enhance, sharpness/contrast/saturation settings etc?


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  9. cosinaphile

    nice video ,i got the m. zukio 12mm lens too about 10 days ago and share your high regard for this lens i have some images posted in several threads on that forum taken with the 12mm

    herea a link to one of them , i hope you will stop by and look and maybe comment

    i came here from the website where you started a thread , i like your work and hope you will stop by frequently to post and share images

    all the best paul in nyc …aka cosinaphile

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