Spring time street shooting!

Spring time street shooting!


a few from my recent walks around the city

fashion child

scarf girl


All shots taken with the A7s, the Zeiss 35mm and the Avenon 28mm. As you guys know, I have tried almost every camera in the past few years, never thought the A7s would actually stick. Being able to shoot at insanely high ISO, the silent shutter and old style pre-focusing resonates very well with my shooting style. These days I am regularly posting on IG,
you can find me there as globalshutter and hopefully enjoy my daily feed.
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3 thoughts on “Spring time street shooting!

  1. Staton

    Thanks for the response Mike.
    I think the humidity will be ok, provided I don’t go from humid to air-conditioning, and then back out again…I worked with some guys in Darwin, Northern Australia, where it is also really hot and humid during the rainy season. They told me that their video cams and still cams all stayed in one room, not air-conditioned, but not outside, so sort of a median between in and outside. They said this was the only way to prevent the condensation that kills digital cameras from forming when going from cool to hot and humid. Having said this, my D800’s that I worked with for a number of years in Liberia (rain or shine) handled the humidity really well, and are still rocking with no servicing.
    The Sony’s look to be a bit more delicate, so perhaps I will give one of the cameras a test drive…good suggestion.

  2. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks Staton, I haven’t used it in such extreme conditions and I would be just as concerned. I have taken them on walks in the snow/rain this winter and all my A7 bodies, (A7, A7r, A7s) got very wet, I had small hand towels in my backpack and didn’t experience any problems. Humidity is a different beast. Not changing lenses is an absolute must, I often shoot with two or three bodies and usually don’t change lenses. Keeps the dust out and speeds things up in general. Really don’t know, I would try to simulate 100% humidity by steaming up the bathroom and leaving the camera in there for 2 hours.You don’t want to find out once you are on location that they can’t handle it.

  3. Staton

    Great stuff as usual.
    I check your site/blog on a regular basis to see what you are shooting, what you are shooting with (lenses), and enjoy your photos.
    I was not able to figure out the long lens you were shooting the other day “vintage lens”.

    I just bought the A7II, it is also great to shoot with, but of course a noisier. And I have not as yet taken it past 400.
    Also I quite often find the battery grip connected, as it gives a bit more stability.
    Also I’m not familiar with the Sony menu, but it seems to be alright.
    I will be taking this on an assignment to southern Thailand at end May, and I am very concerned about humidity.
    Normally for something like this I would use a D800 and the ED G 24-70/2.8, great camera and lens, but the weight is stupid.
    And now that I see what Sony is like, I think it will be fine, but still I’m concerned.
    Nice files as far as I am concerned, and in daylight no issues for focus with the 35/2.8
    I also use a converted Contax G 45/2, and Contax G 90/2.8, Minolta Rokkor M mount 40/2, and two hand made lenses by an old Japansee guy a 50/.95, and a 21/2.8.
    The 50 is insane, and hard to focus on anything moving. the 21 on the A7II shows a fair amount of vignetting…

    I have been watching for an A7s used, or wait to see what monster Sony comes out with in the coming weeks.

    Any comments on working in the weather? Southern Thailand in May is really hot and humid, and lots of rain…So for some cameras this spells disaster…Perhaps if I use two bodies, no changing lenses…Plastic containers with rice, I might be ok.

    Staton Winter

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