Sony RX1 vs Fujifilm X100s: side by side comparison

Sony RX1 vs Fujifilm X100s: side by side comparison

Vere exciting to have both cameras, I wish I could keep them!
I am a bit busy with work right now but thought you guys might find this video useful in case you haven’t made up your mind yet about which one to get.
You can see the first couple of shot I took with the Fuji X100s here, one of the shots made the flickr explore page, nice, eh?
You can order the Fujifilm X100s here from Bhphotovideo (or here from Adorama)
And the Sony RX1 here from Bhphoto (or here from Adorama)
check back over the next couple of days, I will update this post with impressions on how these beauties handle :) Don’t hesitate to post questions if you would like to know something specific about these cams.

13 thoughts on “Sony RX1 vs Fujifilm X100s: side by side comparison

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Jirayuth, I took an old nylon strap from a tripod bag, rolled it up, glued together with crazy glue at the end, and attached it to the camera using a key ring, took about 10min to make :), play around with the diameter to make it fit your hand and how you plan to hold it.

  2. Jirayuth

    Hi Mike
    Can you tell me what made is the grip you are using for the 100s. I am looking for something the same.

    Thank you

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    Yup, that’s about right, the Fuji X series is about 2/3 to one stop off. Camera X uses ISO 400 at f2 and 1/60, Fuji X uses ISO 800 at f2 and 1/60 shooting the identical scene in identical light.

  4. Hendrick

    Thanks Mike. I suspected this and mentioned it in other forums as well. I find it kind of annoying that to achieve a min shutter speed and aperture in dark areas one needs to pump up the ISO further. Whats worse, there are a million site comparisons where Fuji is compared to other cams at high ISOs and Fuji gets applause for their performance but it isnt the same…one would have to compare ISO 640 on cam X vs 800 on Fuji right?

  5. Terry

    Hi Mike –
    Thanks for this side by side. I’m curious what grip you are using on the X100s. I like that it does NOT attach at the bottom in the tripod lug.

  6. John Valliant

    Hi Mike, one of my main problems with the Fuji x100 was battery drain (as well as battery life), if the battery was left in camera for more than a day or so it was pretty much drained despte what the flakey battery indicator said – and then having to wait for about 3 hours for the battery to charge was a major drawback for me. I’m sorry to hear this has not been fixed along with the AF Why is the x100 no good for video now that the camera has both 1080p @ 60fps as well as focus peaking? Thanks.

  7. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Hendrick, yes, ISO values on all X Fuji’s are inflated, nothing has changed with the X100s, about 2/3 to one stop (i e Fuji ISO 800 ~ Sony ISO 400)

  8. Hendrick

    Hi Mike, You mentioned the lower ISO values on the Sony. Is this because Fuji seems to need a higher ISO if shutter speed and aperture are same?

  9. derek

    thanks Mike , really helpful, I decided go with the Fuji this time and I think I will wait for the NEX7n.

  10. christian waldegger

    hej mike, is battery life on the x100s still as bad as on the original x100?

    thanks for the info.

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