Snapshots of the day:Abstract Encounters:Panasonic 100-300mm

Snapshots of the day:Abstract Encounters:Panasonic 100-300mm

The Panasonic 100-300mm lens is the equivalent of a 200-600mm on a 35mm body! What’s the big deal here? Find out after the break

A 600mm 5.6 lens with image stabilization, a lot lighter then my Canon 24-70mm and just under 5 inches. Now we are talking! Mounted on the GH2 or E P3 auto focus is very fast, corners are a tad soft wide open but sharpen up nicely by 8. Image quality is superb and the price is great. Is is as good as the 100-400mm Canon? Of course not, but it costs about 1/3 and more importantly, it only weighs a 1/3. No need to visit the chiropractor after walking around with this set up for a couple of hours. Overall, very impressed with this lens, probably the most practical ultra long tele set up one can get – All shots where taken hand held with the GH2.
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And a few snaps for size comparison….

5 thoughts on “Snapshots of the day:Abstract Encounters:Panasonic 100-300mm

  1. Brod1er

    I liked the 600mm abstracts. Some dramatic lighting used well, although my favourite was the chairs with the more delicate effect.

    I have the lens too and agree it is unsurpassed for portability- 8 days trekking inPeru makes you appreciate this. The OIS seems a little inconsistent and very noisy in operation. Have you had similar issues or have I got a poor copy?

  2. cosinaphile

    these abstractions are quite nice ,a good reminder that even the most realistic subjects in the arts depend on powerful intelligent form to convay aesthetic emotion, whatever else they may deliver for the more common emotions.

    the lens looks quite a bit bigger than the panny 45-200 but you pay , in size for the reach, i guess

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