Sandy NYC: Sony RX100

Sandy NYC: Sony RX100

Sandy NYC from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

I was lucky to have a full charge on my laptop – just made it with about 16% left after the upload :) we have no power here in the East Village, sharing a few clips from my neighborhood, the evening before and the morning after, shot entirely with the Sony RX100, 90% of the clips where shot handheld.

Equipment used for this clip:
Sony RX100
52mm Fader filter (attached via lensmate)
Glidetrack Shooter SD – 20″ (0.5m)

15 thoughts on “Sandy NYC: Sony RX100

  1. Shelly Ward

    Awesome pictures and videos, stay safe. Our hearts go out to all of you guys.

    Shelly from Australia (Land down Under) :) Sending prayers and happy thoughts.

  2. Sam

    Great job on this Mike! Hopefully things will be back to ‘almost’ normal in a few more days. I am amazed that the subway service is already back to 80%!
    When things settle down it might be worth the trip over to Staten Island to see how places like Snug Harbor came out after this.
    Our hearts go out to you guys!

    Sam in Canada

  3. Ed


    For a beginner, what software should I purchase for editing videos for my rx100. Any comments would be welcome. Price is important but not a deal breaker.



  4. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks much for checking it out, Ed. Yes, 90% was shot handheld, the RX100 has an amazing stabilizer when in video mode. At about 1:00 I used the glider and occasionally I would use a railing to lean on, it was quite windy that day.

  5. Ed

    Great video and edit. Did you due that all hand held? The camera work is very steady.

    Thanks for sharing.


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  7. Athoob

    I salute your will power to edit/upload this video above what you’ve been through. Great video. Our hearts is with the people of US.

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