Model of the day: Irina

Model of the day: Irina

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Another street style shot, this time with amazing Irina posing like it’s summer
more after the break

in 30 Deg weather.
shot with the Sony A7s and the Zeiss 85mm f1.4 wide open. Below another shot with this lens at 1.4.
The focus hold button sets this particular lens (and the 135mm 1.8) apart for the competition. Incredibly useful when shooting wide open, especially since we are limited by those centered focus points on the LA EA4. Frankly, I wouldn’t use this adapter on lenses without a focus hold button.
I am looking forward to use the 85mm and the 135mm on the A7II which should ship around the 10th of Dec according to my sources at Adorama. Preorder it at Adorama or at BHphotovideo. Both have extended holiday return policies in case you don’t like it.

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4 thoughts on “Model of the day: Irina

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Actually, I am shooting everything with A7 bodies, campaigns, editorials, look books, portraits, product shots, street…
    and video of course, the main reason to go 100% mirrorless. So far, no regrets, I love being able to pack 3 or 4 bodies plus 6 lenses in a carry-on ape case.

  2. Laurence Zankowski

    Thanks Mike,

    Are you just shooting SONY A7 bodies for portfolios / test shots now? No medium format cameras / dslrs? I guess that the ease of use has become a major factor in mirrorless. Believe me i am sold, after lugging around big nikons / canon dslrs, and the lenses that go with them. No more mirror slap, weird oil spots on sensors for me.

    Be well


  3. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Laurence!
    You don’t need the LA EA4 adapter for native FE Zeiss lenses like the FE 16-35mm f4, FE 24-70mm, FE 35mm, FE 55mm.
    You only need it for lenses with the alpha/minolta moun. Many of the “model of the day” shots are done during go see’s for jobs or during tests for the model’s pf. With Irina, we shot mostly in the studio for her pf and just went outside for a few quick shots. I always shoot raw without filters, sometimes I use a polarizer or ND filter.

  4. Laurence zankowski


    I am confused. The only way to get these Zeiss lenses to work on the A7 series bodies is to use the LA EA4 adaptor? Or am i missing something here?

    Second, do you request to work with the models or do they come to you as part of their book?

    Third, post processing, are you shooting color with the thought of converting to black and white or are you doing the yellow/ red/ orage filter during your shoot knowing that the imagery is going to only seen as B/W still? Basically shooting for rich deep blacks and contrast where needed / subtle gradiations when called for.

    Apologize in advance for what might be construed as inane questions.

    Be well,


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