INSPIRED BY: portraits: shot with Canon 5D mark III

INSPIRED BY: portraits: shot with Canon 5D mark III

I was very curious about the new All-I codec on the 5Dmk3, at a bit rate of about 80~90mpbs, it should produce much better quality video then the 5D2 and it does! Grading for a B/W look on neutral background could be problematic with the 5D2 (and a nightmare with any other DSLR), lack of color depths and dynamic range can lead to nasty looking tonal separations. I really wasn’t sure if it would be worth the upgrade from the 5D2. Between the crazy fast and accurate auto focus during still shoots (I shot my first fashion editorial with the 5D3 a few days ago and could not find a single miss-focused image) and the very gradable video this camera produces, I would say it was totally worth it. We were just fooling around here and had a great time shooting and filming, hope you enjoy! To find out about the idea behind this project, check out the INSPIRED BY photo series!
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I had a few lenses laying around but ended up shooting with the 5D3 and kit lens only.
Cineroid EVF
if you like what you hear:
“I feel you”
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5 thoughts on “INSPIRED BY: portraits: shot with Canon 5D mark III

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Hey Pete, I am still waiting for the D800 to get here, haven’t done any extreme high Iso shooting with the 5D3 yet, what I have seen so far it performs better then the 5D2, by about 1.5 stops ( shooting raw)
    dunno, I think the high Iso performance is going to be pretty close between the two, I would take other factors into account

  2. Pete

    Hi Mike!

    Just wondering what your feeling is on the 5D3 high ISO performance? I’m debating between this and a D800 – though I really love the way the Nikon renders images/video – high ISO maybe be the deciding factor for me.

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks my friend! I really like the 5D3, surprised me in a good way, wasn’t very interested in upgrading at first, sure glad I did

  4. mike drew

    God damn, I love your stuff! It looks like you have fun pretty much every waking minute. I’ve done a bit of work with the 5D III – nothing like yours, of course – and it is a spectacular camera. Glad to see that you’re enjoying it.

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