Golden Hour: Sony RX100

Golden Hour: Sony RX100

RX100 golden hour

Swamped with work over the last couple of weeks, no time or energy for personal work. Ah, but I did have a camera in my pocket, the Sony RX100. Weighing in at less the 9oz (pimped out with Lensmate’s 52mm filter adapter) pix of RX100 with filter mounted after the break

there really wasn’t an excuse for not having a camera on hand.

I could have used my phone and sometime in the future I will (once it matches or surpasses the RX100 image quality and speed) but for now, this little beast is pretty much unbeatable.

The combination of the fantastic 1″ sensor, the impressive Zeiss lens, easily accessible manual controls in photo and video mode make it a winner in my book. Check out this very reasonable vari ND filter, an essential accessory for video.

I haven’t been as thrilled with a true pocket camera since….ever!

Sensor technology came a long way over the last couple of years. Take a look at those DXO benchmarks :)

and one more :)

Sony RX100, golden hour

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2 thoughts on “Golden Hour: Sony RX100

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    it might just be the perfect street camera, if you can live with 35mm as your only lens at that pricepoint, I definitely want to get my hands on one, we can assume image quality will be top notch, I guess it comes down to focus speed/accuracy, since there is a focus zone switch, lets hope it will be lightening fast

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