Fujinon XF 14mm (21mm) F2.8 R Lens: A Perfect Classic Super Wide, Part I

Fujinon XF 14mm (21mm) F2.8 R Lens: A Perfect Classic Super Wide, Part I


It finally arrived :) I got mine from Adorama. The Fujinon XF 14mm F2.8 R is the first Fujifilm lens featuring a mf/af clutch mechanism with a depth of field scale. (the first one out of the blocks was the Olympus 12mm, click here for my impressions shooting with the Olympus). A very useful addition, especially on a wide angle lens. There are two major advantages when we can prefocus a lens properly, a) minimizing shutter lag and silent operation (no AF motor sound) and b), confirmation of focus zone, especially important for interior/architecture and group shots.
Video and photos after the break

Af performance is bit of a mixed bag. The first time I got my hands on this lens it seemed to focus faster then my 18mm f2. After shooting with it for a couple of days however, I found AF speed to be right in between the 18mm and the 35mm. It sometimes struggles in extreme low light, just like the 35mm (latest firmware installed for all lenses and body). The 18mm is still the fastest focusing prime with the best low light focus acquisition in the Fujinon line up to date.

Let’s remember the 14mm is a high performance, almost perfectly corrected aspherical super wide and not a low light monster. The sharpness and detail rendition is incredible at 2.8 and it gets better when we stop down a bit, especially the boarders sharpen up nicely. Nonetheless, I expected af speed to be a bit faster.
Capable of achieving insane depth of field when zone focusing: This is where this lens really shines, incredible depth of field already at f4 and it is possible to get everything “in focus” from 5 feet to infinity, the hyperfocal distance extends with smaller apertures. At f8, everything will appear “in focus” from infinity to about 2.5 feet.
This feature makes the Fujinon 14mm the King of Kings (Kaiser) in the modern era of sensible lens design.
I hope you enjoy the photos-everything was shot with the Fujifilm X-E1 and 14mm, I will update this post after a week of shooting :)










XE1_14mm_021113_1265 copy


Update: angle of view comparison between the 18mm and 14mm click here.

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21 thoughts on “Fujinon XF 14mm (21mm) F2.8 R Lens: A Perfect Classic Super Wide, Part I

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Sorry to hear that, Dean. I have purchased multiple adapters from them and they were all good. Were you able to remove the lens after fiddling with it? A drop of silicon grease or spray did the trick for me on some other adapters. I would email them, if you got it from rainbowimaging (link here) they will replace it, I just bought an adapter ring w uv filter from them, they made a packing mistake and send out the right filter right away – no charge.

  2. Dean

    Mike…I recently purchased the adapter you suggested to mount my Nikon 35 mm 1.8 G lens onto my Fuji X-E1. Problem is I’m having a difficult time removing the Nikon lens from the adapter itself. It won’t rotate and even if I depress the release button. Any suggestions?



  3. Dean

    Mike…love your images. I’m looking to buy the X-E1 and would like to use my Nikkor 35mm 1.8 G lens…and Nikkor 50mm 1.4 D lens. I saw the adapter you recommended for the G lens, do I need another adapter for the D lens or will that one do?

    Thank you.

  4. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks John. I really like the 21mm equiv. 18mm is a bit too wide, if I need that focal length I can use my Tokina 11-16mm. Of course I could change my mind if it turns out to be absolutely fantastic :)

  5. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Jason, glad to hear you find it useful. If you don’t need video, go with the X system, a camera for purists, the direct dials, aperture rings, logical body layout based on classic rangefinders and excellent lenses are a joy to use. Keep in mind however, it is not a full frame replacement.

  6. Jason

    Hi Mike,

    First off, thank you for continuing to publish your thoughts on the Fuji X-system.

    For years, I have been shooting Canon full frame and am quite tired of the weight. So now, I am contemplating getting the XE1 + 18-55 + 35mm or Sony NEX 6 and similar lenses. Reading your reviews and seeing your images is steering me towards the Fuji. I just wish they would release their 23mm/1.4 already.

  7. Justin

    I am in the market for either the 18mm or 14mm for my X-Pro1. What would really help if you could take some photos with both lenses locked to the same angle for a real comparison to see how these lenses compare with framing. Thank you!

  8. KaiserX

    Mike, I always love your street photos. I’m sick of seeing the same jam-my-Leica-in-your-face and ooh-a-bum photos taken while walking around NYC that every other web site and reviewers seem to take (that goes for London and Hong Kong as well). You somehow seem to find places and angles that still make NYC interesting.

  9. mike.kobal Post author

    Thank you, MK, a soft release, makes it easier to shoot a very low shutter speeds handheld, the analog level on the hotshoe for low level shooting since the lcd isn’t articulated

  10. MK

    Thanks for sharing Mike. A solid review with good shots.

    Can you share what accessories you were using on the X-E1 in the video? What’s that on the shutter button and in the hotshoe? :). How do these accessories make your shooting experience better?

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