From Russia, With Love:Irina Denisova: Canon Eos 7D

From Russia, With Love:Irina Denisova: Canon Eos 7D

from Russia, with love:Irina Denisova: Canon Eos 7D from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Another quick test during my beauty shoot with Irina, trying the new

indislider mini and a few longer lenses. I really like the crop factor on the 7D for beauty work, a 50mm produces the same field of view as an 80mm on a full frame body and so on, allowing for more distance between the model and the lens which helps avoid distortion, and frees up space for lights. Shooting video clips at such a close range is quite challenging, the slightest camera shake ruins the footage. I was pretty excited to try out my new indislider, a few clips were shot with it, will do a separate review on it later, during the beauty shoot, results were mixed, too many “stutters”, due to the weight of the longer lenses, (only used perfect clips in the video). Lenses used: Voigtlander 40mm, Sigma 50mm, 1.4, Canon 100mm 2.0, Canon 70-200mm. If you like what you hear:
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7 thoughts on “From Russia, With Love:Irina Denisova: Canon Eos 7D

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  2. Media Syn

    Love your work Mike!!!!!!!!! How do you slow footage from 60p to 24p on AE??? And What type of lights did you use on this clip???
    Again, looks fantastic!!!

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