Fashion Moments: Angelika Kocheva. Shot with Lumix GH1

Fashion Moments: Angelika Kocheva. Shot with Lumix GH1

Fashion Moments:Angelika Kocheva:Lumix GH1 from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

I shot this video during my fall fashion shoot for Zoot magazine (on news stands in October). Photos were taken with the Canon 5Dmk2, I was planning to shoot the video with the 5D2 but then decided to use the Lumix GH1 instead. I like what I see! Kit lens, Dynamic color mode, slowed to 24p from 60p. Check it out and enjoy! Music:

10 thoughts on “Fashion Moments: Angelika Kocheva. Shot with Lumix GH1

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  2. bart

    great to see the slow down to 24p work out very well. Great enhancement of the footage. Makes me want to shoot video too. This way it’s a beautiful medium. Well done!

  3. nahiku888

    Quite dramatic Mike – loved the way you used the instrument to tell the story. It actually scared me-I think that is what it is so suppose to do – that is, DISTURB the viewer.

    Great choice of music – you got the feeling! ….on a side note – I was also totally disturbed by the runs in the stockings- in my day – runs would be a reason to hide — what would the nuns say!

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