Dittos Jeans F/W 2012: the retro shoot, a few favorites: Canon 5D mark II

Dittos Jeans F/W 2012: the retro shoot, a few favorites: Canon 5D mark II


Hey, designers like Marc Newson aren’t the only ones going backwards these days, retro is always fun, scroll down and check out a few shots from the Dittos Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, I wish I had the Pentax K-01 for this shoot, as a prop of course (shot with a Canon 5D2, the 24-70mm, 24-105mm, the 24mm 1.4 and 35mm 1.4) it would have been fun to watch our model Bruna react to that funky looking camera and fool around with it! There is lots of excitement right now for us gear heads, new releases from Pentax, Fuji and Olympus, but wait, you are probably wondering why I keep mentioning these cameras when really I should be talking about this particular shoot.

I keep noticing people across forums wondering if the new APSC size sensors in these cameras-especially the Fuji X Pro1- could equal or even surpass current FF sensors. The correct answer is yes and no. It really depends on what and how you shoot. I recently compared the Sony A77 to the Canon 5D2, using a corresponding lens on the smaller sensor to achieve a similar angle of view. On the Canon the50mm 1.2 and on theSony A77/Rokinon 35mm 1.4 (which behaves like a 52.5mm would on a FF sensor, close enough), if you examine sharpness and detail at low and medium ISO settings- the Sony/Rokinon combo wins, however, when you examine bokeh, the 5D2/50mm combo wins by a large margin (keep in mind I am interested in bokeh for a particular field of view, not a particular focal length, in other words, if you mount a 50mm on a FF sensor and a 50mm lens on a APSC sized sensor and focus on a subject at the exact same distance, you will get the exact same bokeh characteristics, just cropped on the APSC sized sensor). And at high ISO, despite its aging sensor, the 5D also has a clear edge. A look at the pixel pitch explains the result: 5D2 @6.39mkm, A77 @3.91 mkm.





And since there was absolutely no time for video check out this photo collage :D

click here if you like what you hear.

For this particular shoot the Canon 5D2 was the right choice. Bokeh on the horizontal shot of Bruna leaning against the door frame would not be achievable with a smaller sensor. For my Africa trip, the A77 was perfect, lot’s of wide angle shooting in bright light. Bokeh and low light was not important, resolution was. I also used the A77 for this magazine editorial in the studio, bokeh was irrelevant and I really enjoyed using the EVF in the studio. I am looking forward getting my hands on all these new cameras, especially the Fuji!

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  1. Titia

    What amazing Photos!!!! Congrats Mr Kobal!!!
    My niece is sooooooooo beautiful!!!!! I am so proud!!!

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