Concept Beauty #1: another successful shoot with the Sony A7, pro set up

Concept Beauty #1: another successful shoot with the Sony A7, pro set up

Kate, inspired by Foxface, one of the beautiful warriors from the Hunger Games, shot with the Sony A7 and the Nikkor DC 135mm f2. I have been using this camera a lot lately, can’t beat the EVF for critical focus in manual mode, check out my current beauty set up after the break

Sony A7 body,
vertical grip,
quick release L bracket

Peak Design strap and cuff, love them on the A7, note the road tire sleeve, prevents rattle during video takes.
generic Nikon to Nex adapter
Nikkor 135mm DC f2.0 lens

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6 thoughts on “Concept Beauty #1: another successful shoot with the Sony A7, pro set up

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    tough call since you already have the Canon 70-200mm lens. When shooting thethered, I love the EVF on the Sony because I see what my client sees.
    I don’t have any af issues in the studio, af on the 6D will be faster, however, the sensor on the Sony will be better and if you need to recover shadow detail, it will be much easier on files from the Sony. I left Canon for Nikon and Nikon for Sony :) it all depends on your personal needs and your shooting style, if you have a chance, rent both and try them out.

  2. Jason

    Hello Mike. I’m shoot fashion with a Canon T3i and a Canon 70mm – 200mm lens. I’m trying to decide if I should get the A7 or Canon 6D. Is the A7 a better choice for studio photography? I also have a Profoto light set up. Thanks.

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Ron, true, a basic d800 without grip weighs about the same as this set up, however, I really like the EVF when shooting under controlled situations when seeing exactly what you will be getting is more important than speed.

  4. ron greer

    love the lighting and look.

    So you prefer this set-up to simply using your D800? Wouldn’t the size and weight be about the same for both set-ups?

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