Canon Eos 5D mark III arrived today!

Canon Eos 5D mark III arrived today!


Just got home and there was the UPS package! Two things I noticed immediately, if you are a professional shooter, currently using the 5D2, the AF on the 5D3 is bloody awesome and that alone should be worth the upgrade. If video is your thing, the full HD feed to your EVF (Cineroid in the photo above) and the headphone jack are worth the upgrade. I have absolutely no opinion on image and video quality yet, but it is safe to assume that high ISO performance will be amazing. I am planning to test it over the next two weeks on assignments, check back for updates! Unboxing video after the break

Product links to items in photo above:
Canon 5D3 with kit lens
Cineroid EVF
or you can use the amazing Zacuto EVF
shape paparazzi
Sony ECMALST1 Compact Stereo Microphone
Panasonic RP HTX7 headphones

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2 thoughts on “Canon Eos 5D mark III arrived today!

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    ha, nope, the D800 (still have plenty of Nikon glass laying around) is on order and I am very curious to find out how it compares to the 5D3! Agreed, entertaining to watch….

  2. metamind

    Cool, you have got one, too. Did you cancel your D800 pre-order ? It is very interesting to see, how the image of (not from :-) the 5DmIII is constantly undergoing a change since it has started shipping on a broader level a few days ago. Most people were obviously disappointed at first glance, but now the climate seems to be changing, as some have figured out, that the video footage can be graded and sharpened to an enormous extent, a little bit like within the idea of RAW footage. At first, everybody compared it to the 5DmII, of course (whose footage is not that well gradable), and there have been a lot of complaints about the “muddy” resolution. Then, they figured out, that things can be fixed in post very well and suddenly it is comparable to the hacked GH2, again – but with astonishing noise levels :-) Then, Nikon is king again. Let s see, what will happen tomorrow… We are truly living in a crazy time, everything has become relative and subject to change within hours. People have adopted the way the internet works even in their way of thinking; unfortunately, the release of an unreflected stream of consciousness seems to be one of the major characteristics. And if something proves wrong, it will be revised within a few hours. It is the total opposite of consistency. Anyway, we love our 5dmIII and I am looking forward to your results! All the Best!

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