Be.Ready.Always. from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

I came across the Emergency Bra surfing Tom’s Hardware a few month ago and couldn’t stop laughing. What a great idea, who said….

fashion couldn’t save lives? I immediately decided to shoot a short video. Took a few month to get to it. Hope you enjoy it! NOW FOR THE SURPRISE: You can show your support for this blog by
bidding on the signed emergency bra on ebay. I created an account called “bereadyalways“. I hope it will sell for more then 0.99Cents!
This was shot with the Canon 5D2, the 24-70mm Sigma and the iDC follow focus (works great with this lens). Vari filter, bean bag in natural light.

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Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Be.Ready.Always.

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    amazing, I hear you, man, glad you find my stuff inspiring, love the video you sent! incredible! you did an amazing job. respect and I wish you all the best!

  2. caio goma

    hei mike
    just rocking, great idea, your blog is the find!
    i edit tv ads in sao paulo, 10 years inside the foamy dark rooms by now, and the 1/2 hour i spent doing a once over did answer some questions about the camera you pick for a shot, and why.
    i do my photography, and maybe you can try to turn me, with my old nikon fm3. my granpa had a nikon F, the thing with the prism broke the photometer, but the lens are quite nice, specially a macro 90mm 2.8/16 vivitar. say what you will, i feel like i need nothing else.
    it gives a very limited focus range(range?depth?), looks a bit like the 5d.
    this year the 5d and the red really came into the sets, and i face the fact that the image and possibilities they give are extraordinary(i like the 5d frame better, but i heard she is tricky), but if you don’t have a strong idea, the way out is shoot everything from every angle as many times…
    i feel my directors are having trouble with the rec button, can’t stop recording, and can’t think while at it.
    early this year i did a avon south america campaign, aiming for new resellers. 4 regions, basically the same film, only different woman.
    4 pieces of 30”, 3 women per fil talking about her life selling avon, not actresses, real avon sellers, tricky, but a lot of…(cobertura, images of their daily life illustrating it). well…
    they shot the whole thing in a week, and i got to my avid, and when i saw 29hours on my ALL sequence, i was sure that timeline was lying.
    since this job i’m trying to come up with new ways of selecting and hanging( the metod i use, the HANGING. do a ALL sequence ordered as it was shot; watch it doing a SELECT sequence, that is not really important in itself, the thing is that after watching it all and cleaning it i can use it all, i can call on every frame, cause i know them, the selected and the unselected. i then take this and break it in items to hang it on a bin(for this avid is much better, because i can view it like a thumbnail, the frame i choose) like a seq for ”girl on stool M” and another for ”girl on stool C”, got it? walter murch did something like that editing apocalypse now. his book is great, i think the name is ”in a blink” or something in this way.
    man, i freelance, and this time of year the work is gone, and i can really get bored, so if i’m boring you mike, please say so.
    the thing is, i got around the avon thing, but almoust died.
    then i was called to a nissan campaign, two 1′ and five 30” pieces.
    they shot with two reds and they used a process, i don’t know why but you probably do, that they plugged the camera directly in to a laptop, and everytime they had to cut, it had to reboot. so not only i had 40some hours, it came all messy with the big long shot on the same shot as the rims detail. i had to improvise, and started the hanging process whitout selecting. faster. when i got it sorted out car with car, shift with shift and so on, i began editing. i did a super for every item i got. like this, i wanted to start the film with the wheel splashing the puddle, i got my ”puddle” item on the bin, which was the raw, all puddles, and then, on my edit 1 sequence, got my 3 or 4 favorite puddles and took it to the bin as ”superpuddle”
    got it.
    but, as i told you, i have a lot of guilt and maniac behavior when it comes to making the best possible film with what i got, and i had a bit of neurosis; i had made me deeply dependent on the ritual of the metod to relate to the material. now i have more material, less time to deliver, more creation to do, and the same fee from good old 35mm (three hours tops) days.
    i’m not nostalgic at all, but i think that, at least here in sp, the discussion is much less than the new ways to go frame loving deserve.
    i see you are a frame lover to the core, and do feel that talking about it only makes it better, right?
    sorry man, its 34 degrees C (100degreesF+/-) and raining since last friday. i watched all dvds i could, and started righting this biographyes to people i don’t know, but that inspired me.
    you are at the very top of my inspirometer.
    seeya mike
    thanks again

    caio cardenuto(goma)

    oh check this one i edited 2 years ago.

    this job was one of the best i did professionaly. my vimeo is only my music videos and live image vjing stuff. be carefull off the mini-dv and the bad renders.
    tchau irmão

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks, and to you, Martin. Haha, yeah, I hope so too, or it will be yours, still counting on Natalia’s and Akin’s admirers trying to get a piece of them….

  4. martin(33_hertz)

    This item will go with my red Fire Marshall hat. The lads at work will be most impressed, I’m sure!
    Seems I’m the only bidder so far haha.

    Season’s Greetings Mike, here’s hoping you get some more bids mate!!


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