Zeiss FE 16 35mm F4 OSS in stock and shipping!

Zeiss FE 16 35mm F4 OSS in stock and shipping!

I have to share this with you guys, BH has the Zeiss 16 35mm in stock and shipping!

3 thoughts on “Zeiss FE 16 35mm F4 OSS in stock and shipping!

  1. richard hadley

    Heylo Mike, thanks for the comment and kind words. Completely agree with your points: ONE system for pretty much everything, (makes life easier and makes for a more efficient photographer i think) + Try before swapping camp, makes sense :)

    The dilemma have is that I’m coming up to a cross road on changing my gear to work best for my shooting/work. For some of my corporate work, weddings and city portrait stuff, i have to adopt a ‘run n gun’ style for my photos + filming tasks – the photographer than needs to do both … see where i am going – my current gear: 2 x d800 with 180mm 2.8 or 85mm 1.8 / 35mm or 24-70mm etc … no lens is stabilised and i need to stay light as possible with 2 cameras.

    I did end up trying and buying a Sony RX10 for my run n gun filming and am happy with it but I can’t use it for photos, the quality isn’t there in lower light. (i also enjoyed your review and work that you did with the RX10).

    BUT anyway my point is, I don’t want multiple/different cameras for my photo and filming, just two of the same camera and I think the A7II might be ‘THE ONE’ to answer the call – it’s inner stabiliser (great for a little extra steadiness on non stabilised lenses) + sony’s growing FE range for a run n gun style, photo+filming while trying to keep the gear light and smallish.

    Yes, the new D750 might be an option but then again, i am look for a wide and telephoto lens that are stabilized, Sony and Nikon both offer these in their arsenal … I’m blabbing on now, what can I say, my girlfriend would have nodded off long ago listening to me hear ;) … I will let you know and will keep up with your posts – awesome work :) All the best buddy

  2. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks Richard! I don’t miss my Canon/Nikons, just remember, make sure you feel comfortable on youe most challenging assignments before you dump all your gear :) Looking at your site, obviously you know what you are doing, great work!
    I think you will like the A7s in particular, I even sold my Fuji’s and am using the A7s for street shooting. Love have ONE system for pretty much everything I shoot.

  3. richard hadley

    been looking at your work and blog for years now … luv your work. I ve looking at going from Nikon camp to Sony FE (for pro work +Fuji for street) and seeing the FE lenses coming out now + A7 II … I think it’s a done deal :)

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