First studio shoot with the Sony A7: Kate, close up, beauty

Sony A7 and my favorite lens, the Nikkor 135mm f2 wide open.
I have been asked to shoot a beauty spread and since the Sony A7 just landed on my desk the day before I went for it. :)
Of course I had my D800E ready, just in case (never touched it though). This shot is a good example for when you really need an EVF, wysiwyg and you can change the aperture until the image looks just how you imagined. Speeds up the workflow and much easier on the model who can’t move an inch during close ups like this. Overall I loved shooting with the Sony A7, I will post my impressions and the rest of the images soon.

Ispired by John Lennon, Uma Thurman, Patty Smith, Mr. T, Marion Cotillard, Marvin Gaye, Anjelica Huston, Peter Allen, Jane Birkin

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative. Adam, Susan, Aine, Fahrd, Coline, Jason, Karolina, Thomas and Kenza posed for this series and shared their thoughts after the break

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