From Sony to Fuji X-T2, first 6 month.

2x Fuji X T2 with a grip, the perfectly fitting SmallRig cage, Peak Design straps, the
56mm 1.2 and still one of my fav’s, the 1st gen 35mm 1.4

Hi there my friends, it has been awhile,

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Just released: Saramonic XLR audio adapter kit, solid, great value.

As much as I liked Sony’s XLR_K1M kit, I much prefer this unit as it is supplied with a standard 1/8″ plug and will work with any camera’s standard 1/8″ (3.5mm) mic input. Decent pre-amps, descent microphone, logical interface, nothing flimsy about this unit, the only thing I noticed was the supplied wind muff would not fit. Too tight to slip over the foam, too loose to use without. Should be available any day now for $299 at Adorama, Ebay and BH.
Update: found one here on Ebay.

Sony A6300 with mf lenses: observations


I am assuming mf/magnifier behavior hasn’t changed since the A6000, I am comparing it with the A7rII and noticed you have to press a designated button to activate the mf zoom window, you will have to press the button once or twice to get back to full view again. On the A7rII, when in mf mode, any button assigned to af will activate the mf zoom and half pressing the shutter release will take you right back to full view (same behavior on the first gen A7series).

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