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Model of the day: Anya: 135mm on Sigma MC 11

shot wide open with the insanely sharp Canon 135mm f2 in AF-C mode using the Sigma MC 11 adapter (firmware 1.0). I haven’t installed 1.01 which might disable AF-C on Canon lenses. So far I love this combo. As a big fan of fast 135mm lenses, using the Zeiss 135mm 1.8 via LA EA4 adapter was a bit frustrating, the phase detect window on the Sony covers a larger area which makes it much easier to work with, especially when shooting vertical, it focuses very fast, just slightly slower then on a native Canon body and is dead on every time.
There are times when AF doesn’t respond, usually when switching from close ups to distant objects. The best workaround is to simply turn the focus ring to the approximate distance of your subject and let af do the rest. I will be using this combo until we see a native lens….

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