Street Moments: Bad Hair Day

Street Moments: Bad Hair Day

shot with the Fujifilm X100s at 1/500, f4 and ISO800
UPDATE: this shot just made the Flickr Explore page :)

3 thoughts on “Street Moments: Bad Hair Day

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi George, thank you for your kind words. I love zone focus with the Fujinon 14mm and now with the Ricoh GR (snap mode). On the X100s, I find auto focus in continuous mode (high performance setting) fast enough in good light to capture moving subjects like in the bad hair day shot. I saw the lady approach, lifted the camera,framed and snapped it-in continuous af mode. Tips: Patience and anticipation. I avoid zone focus with any fly by wire lens. Accidental focus changes are unavoidable. Use the EVF instead of the OHVF for precise framing and faster af when you have to act fast. I do shot from the hip, not so much with the Fuji’s, I prefer articulated LCD’s for that.

  2. George Koury

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the wonderful blog and great images. I read your article about your settings for street photography using the Fuji X100S. I’m writing to inquire about one of your images, “Street Moments: Bad Hair Day”. This is a wonderful photograph. My question is, are you zone focusing and if so, what are your settings. Do you ever shoot using a method like zone focusing without looking through the viewfinder?

    Any additional insights about your street shooting settings/methods with the X100s are much appreciated.

    Many thanks!

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