Soma magazine cover: May/June Issue

Soma magazine cover: May/June Issue

A nice surprise, it made the cover! Bokeh-liciousness with the Nikkor DC 135mm f2 on the D800E.
I am waiting for someone to release a speed booster to use my Nikkor AIS and G lenses on the Fuji X system. Expecting one to arrive any day now for the Nex mount, stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Soma magazine cover: May/June Issue

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks Chris. I didn’t use DC control at all during this shoot. I hardly use it for fashion, bokeh is fantastic at 2 and 2.8 shooting “straight”. I use it for beauty and for portraits if appropriate, here is a good example of DC control. It is very specific and introduces overall softness to the image, I believe I shot this at f2 and had it turned up to 5.6 for an extreme effect.

  2. Chris K.

    Excellent work! Curious your thoughts about the DC of the lens and, if you’re willing, discuss how you used DC to affect this shot to your liking?

    I watched some youtubes and perhaps it’s the poor quality or poor camerawork but the effect of DC on bokeh didn’t seem as significant as the presenters were claiming. But it’s certainly an interesting capability.

  3. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks Derek! Fuji X -traditional ergonomics, suits my style of street shooting, additionally and I like the sensor output. Wouldn’t part with my NEX system when it comes to video and I am just as fond of the D800E for most professional work. Who knows, maybe the Ricoh GR will replace the Fuji or the new NEX will, just happen to always reach for the Fuji as my go anywhere cam these days

  4. derek

    great shot as always, Mike!
    so do you choose the Fuji X over the NEX or the Samsung NX?

    I am also waiting for F mount speed booster for either the Fuji X or the NEX system.
    I am just curious why you are so fond of your Fuji X.
    thanks for your great work and time.

  5. Craig

    A big congrats Mike! I’m sure it never gets old to see your own work on the cover of a magazine ;-)

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