Snapshot of the day: Silent Prayer: street shooting with the Sony RX10

Snapshot of the day: Silent Prayer: street shooting with the Sony RX10

I spotted this beautiful stranger waiting in front of the Washington Square Arch-after dark
ISO 1000 @2.8

My first RX10 was doa, and I had written it off until I saw this crazy deal at Adorama (still a few left at $937)
Primary use will be shooting video, however, I really enjoyed using the RX100 during my Paris trip and took it out for a quick spin today. Too early to draw conclusions but I really liked shooting with it, a totally different experience when compared to a pure street camera set up like the Fuji X E2 with a small prime or even the RX100II. The Zeiss zoom is massive and it feels more like a small DSLR. Not necessary a bad thing. The RX10 focuses pretty fast in good light, controls are easily accessible, the shutter release button feels much better than on the Sony A7/r. The quality of this lens is outstanding already wide open, the only nuisance was the slow by wire zoom. This will be a plus during video shoots, however, when shooting stills, it can get in your way. I will have to take it out a few more times but it appears to be the perfect compact fusion camera. I will keep posting my impressions shooting with this thing :)

2 thoughts on “Snapshot of the day: Silent Prayer: street shooting with the Sony RX10

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Robert, I think you will like it, the incredible lens and video features are absolutely worth the extra weight. There really isn’t one ideal way to set it up, depends on what type of trek you are talking about. Hiking, adventure mnt biking, high altitude, rain forest….
    in general, I suggest manual mode, 1060/24p if you don’t need slow motion. This will give you the best quality. However, if you are shooting during the brightest time of day, 1080/60p would be preferable because of the shorter optimal shutter speed of 1/125 vs 1/50 for 24p. I would turn down the contrast to -3, saturation to -1 and sharpness up +1 on all creative style options, and choose according to taste. If sound is very important, get a small microphone, the built in mic is very good, however, in windy conditions the camera body acts as amplifier and there is no way to get clean sound, I like the small Rode mic pro with the dead kitten wind shield. If you are not too concerned about sound, forget the mic, always a pita to have attachments on trips. Don’t hesitate to ask. Hope this helps for now.

  2. Robert Payne

    Bought it on the Adorama deal. Should have Monday. Worried about the size compared to M43rds. Will take on a 100km trek that I want to document with video. Hopefully can sling from my pack. Please update with your impression so ideal settings for those of us who don’t have tons of time to do grading.

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