Snapshot of the day: GOAAAAAAAAAL!

Snapshot of the day: GOAAAAAAAAAL!


Looks like a toy, shoots like an Uzi, sounds like a Leica, my loaner Olympus OM-D E-M5 from BH just arrived. Man, this thing is nice!

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2 thoughts on “Snapshot of the day: GOAAAAAAAAAL!

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Hallo Kaspar, I only had about 15min to play with it and I am blown away. I still like the Fuji and re-ordered it despite the horrible af :) but man, the af on the E M5 is lightening fast, shutter sound is very pleasant. I also like the 12-50mm, a very useful range, appears to be very sharp. What I have seen so far, planning to compare it to the Nex 7 and the Fuji X Pro1, the E M5 will most likely come out ahead in terms of operational speed, I would buy it in a heart beat if I still had lots of M43 glass – just to clarify, I love the M43 system but ended up with the NEX 7 – I prefer using the FS100 for jobs over the AG AF100 and can use my e mount lenses and Nex bodies as b cameras

  2. Kaspar

    Hello Mike,
    I am curious on your thoughts about the E-M5, since you are used to the Nex7 for quite a while and you really liked the Fuji. I picked the Oly, due to my investment in M43 lenses, but everytime I see the other cameras in a shop window I habe to stop and admire them. I like your blog and think your reviews are based on well chosen. Keep up the good work! Cheers from Innsbruck!

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