Snapshot of the day: getting ready: A7rii and 50mm 1.4

Snapshot of the day: getting ready: A7rii and 50mm 1.4

Shot with the Sony A7rII during the 2016 campaign shoot for AG hair.
I have been shooting with the A7rII since the day it arrived, everything from look books, catalogs, campaigns, 4k video, 120fps video, model shoots, low light portraits and street, I will post an in depth report in a couple of weeks.
Much to like about this very versatile camera, however, it isn’t perfect and there are a few gotchas I hope we can get fixed with a future firmware update…..stay tuned :)

8 thoughts on “Snapshot of the day: getting ready: A7rii and 50mm 1.4

  1. Arthur Green

    HI. Thanks for your response. Look forward to your review. Btw Have you tried the Sony 90 macro yet?


  2. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Arthur,
    the main three gripes:
    ability to assign a custom bottom to switch btw FF and APSC mode
    full frame s-raw output (around 20mp), also assignable to a button
    4 or 5fps in silent mode, at this point it only works in single mode
    there are simply too many assignments where it would be suicide to shoot at the full 42mp res but I would still love to use the A7rII because of the improved af and new shutter

  3. Arthur Green

    Great post. I just picked up the A7r2. I absolutely love the camera but was wondering what you felt some of the downsides to the camera were. Thanks in advance.


  4. Joel


    A particularly subtle use of multiple exposures that gives the feeling of a still with the dynamics of a movie clip and does better than either for this subject. Very interesting, thanks!

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