Preview: a few favorites from my recent AG Hair shoot

Preview: a few favorites from my recent AG Hair shoot


Another great shoot with the fantastic AG hair team, Ria and Masha ignoring winter



Shot with the Sony A7 and the Zeiss 85mm f1.4 FA on the LA EA4.
I love the bokeh this lens produces, nailing focus wasn’t an issue and I much prefer the EVF over the traditional optical view finder, although I am not a fan of the af screw drive and the extending lens barrel during focusing. “Seeing” focus in the EVF was a huge plus since we didn’t have much time to nail the shots. One gotcha when shooting with this lens, when in manual focus, turning the focus ring doesn’t automatically enlarge the view like on FE lenses, a feature I certainly miss. After reviewing the shots, most of them shot wide open, one quickly forgets the little quirks one has to overcome on set.

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4 thoughts on “Preview: a few favorites from my recent AG Hair shoot

  1. Laurence Zankowski


    How much post work are you doing with these images? Are these “in camera” multiples or layer stacking in photoshop. And yes you are evolving again. This camera loves your technique, truly!
    Oh! Since i do not know, b/ w in camera or again a post process workflow. ( I am finding that i love using these b/w apps on my iPhone 6+ a lot, the app Lenka, and the app Contrast ).
    Be well


  2. CGL

    Incredible work Mike! You keep reinventing yourself and producing fresh, vibrant work–even in sub-zero temperatures ;-)

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