Nikon Coolpix A: OOC Jpeg low light test: ISO 100-25600

Nikon Coolpix A: OOC Jpeg low light test: ISO 100-25600


Here we go guys, some of you emailed asking for a low light ooc jpeg ISO comparison, a reasonable request for a pocket camera and I have to say, I am impressed, check out the series from ISO 100 to 25600 with 100% crops after the break

Click on the images to see the high res files:










and here the link to the mini review, compared to the Fuji X100s

For my type of shooting with this camera, I find the files totally usable up to ISO6400, very impressive up to ISO 1600, 12800 in a pinch and 25600 if I was into the iphone ISO 400 effect ;)

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