New York City Sounds: Underground Music: Canon 7D, 1080/24p

New York City Sounds: Underground Music: Canon 7D, 1080/24p

NYC Sounds:LIVE underground:Canon 7D,1080/24p from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Finally got around doing my first subway music sampler video, great talent out there and this is the first of a series. It was a challenge not to get run over, esp during rush hour, poor lighting conditions really called for the Canon 5D mark II but I was set on shooting it in 24p. The 7D holds up very well, most clips ISO1600, 3200, contrast enhancement and b/w conversion in post. Steep curves applied to some clips bring out the noise, no noise reduction applied here since I really like the grainy look for this subject matter. Keeping it raw and real. Shot hand held, mostly, 17-55mm, 12-24mm, 11-16mm, wide open. Sound recorded with Sennheiser MKE 400.I am still waiting to get info for the two first gentlemen who can be found at the 72nd street station and the subway passage from 6th to 7th ave. For now check out the
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20 thoughts on “New York City Sounds: Underground Music: Canon 7D, 1080/24p

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Hi Morgane, yes, both are very good, 12 24mm has a better range – for low light shooting, get the 11/16 for the one stop advantage, can’t go wrong with either

  2. Morgane

    You have both 11-16 and 12-24? I was thinking of buying one but didn’t know wich one.

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  4. Mon

    Very nice, thank you so much for sharing your settings with us. Any bit of advice will help the 7D rookies!

  5. Rob

    Solid video. Did you shoot in black and white as the color profile or did you originally shoot in color? Looks great though. I have been trying to do something similar in DC

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  7. Carlos

    How in the world did you do the slo-motion shot starting @ 5:32??? It looks fantastic! It looks like it’s @ 20% normal speed… yet the quality looks like it was shot with a high-speed camera. That’s sweet.

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  9. mike.kobal Post author

    thanks, Claudio, Mark and Michelle. the MKE 400 is pretty good. the problem is auto gain on the camera. @Michelle, I have a nice clip with the saw lady, she is great, thinking about doing one her alone

  10. Michelle

    Looks great! I love the B&W.
    I’ve never seen these musicians but I like the first guy the best.
    You might want to film the ‘Saw Lady’ – I always see her at the Union Sq. subway in the afternoons. She plays a musical saw and she is freakin good. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, her blog is When she plays the saw constantly moves, creating shapes that might be interesting for filming.

  11. Mark

    Hey Mike, what are you doing with your MKE-400 audio? Straight out the camera mine sounds like garbage (i keep the low-cut filter off and turn the sensitivity to high in an effort to keep the omnipresent hiss low).

  12. Claudio

    Mike, that was dope. After a little while I couldn’t tell that the film was 8 minutes long and I was left with wanting more. Some shots were superb and a wonderful choice in having it in B&W. I was about to comment on the mini distortion at around 2:01 but then I saw your reply in that it was intentional. I’m glad you cleared that up. Anyways, I’m leaving this comment here to support your site. I’m going to be purchasing my 7D an a couple of months but until then, I’ll keep enjoying your films.


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