Mystery model of the week: RUO YANG

Mystery model of the week: RUO YANG


shot with my two favorite lenses, the Nikon 50mm 1.4 D wide open and the Nikkor 135mm DC f2 wide open, body used, you guessed it :)
The Nikon D800E
-of course you could shoot this pretty much with any FX body, it is really about the right lens
the rest of the set after the break




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10 thoughts on “Mystery model of the week: RUO YANG

  1. metamind

    Nice work!

    I have been using the hacked 5DmIII for some weeks now – with my Lexar and Komputerbay cards (64gb only) fortunately I have not experienced any problems so far. I mainly shoot short fashion films (1-2 minutes) and the clips convert nicely via raw2dng even on my basic Macbook Air (1,5 years old) and external ssd-raid (basic Lacie case with 2 ssds) connected via Thunderbolt. This is truly a revolution, because it does not require any complicated steps, extra software or hardware any more. Since started offering hacked 5DmIIIs, all the cool hacker underground stuff seems to have arrived in the mainstream production world, finally – I am really looking forward to further developments.

  2. mike.kobal Post author

    I am not aware of a G to EF adapter. I using a basic, non electronic -search for “Nikon to EOS adapter”, you can find them on ebay for under $10.

  3. derek

    thank you again Mike.
    what D to EF adapter have you been using ?
    and is there any G to EF adapter?
    thanks in advance.

  4. mike.kobal Post author

    yes, I agree, the hacked 5D3 suddenly moved back to the top-I am still hesitant to use it for paid gigs since in my tests it always drops a few frames at the beginning and at the end ( I did use the fastest cards available) and not every editor appreciates humongous files. For the video gigs I end up shooting a real video camera is more suitable then DSLR set up.

  5. derek

    thank you for your detailed reply. now, I understand why resale of Nikon D primes value going up.
    I wish I could afford FS700 and C300 but I cannot and I don’t think I can fully utilize them, so I might get the hacked 5D3 to go with my D800E, thanks.

  6. mike.kobal Post author

    Yes, manual aperture rings are the main reason for going back to D lenses, since I also use them as my prime video lenses, either on the Canon C300 (via a simple Ni/C adapter) or the Sony FS100/ FS700 with a Nikon G/Nex adapter. The G adapter is awesome because it lets you select the aperture by simply turning the aperture dial on the adapter and this turns every Nikkor lens into a de-clicked cinema lens. The only problem is the very short throw (about one inch) from wide open to fully stopped down, impossible to be accurate on in between aperture values. With the aperture ring I can preset the smallest aperture I want to work with, for instance, f5.6, now the ring on the G adapter will operate the aperture between wide open and the selected aperture on the lens.

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