Model of the week: Rachael, shooting with the Sony A7 and Series E lenses

Model of the week: Rachael, shooting with the Sony A7 and Series E lenses

shooting fashion portraits can be a lot of fun, especially with the Sony A7 and Series E 50mm and E 100mm, not fully attached :)
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too blurry? Rachael loved it, what do you guys think?

the large full frame sensor really comes into play when tilting and shifting.
If you have been following this blog you probably remember that the main reason I purchased the Sony A7 was to have a small full frame video brain to take along on photo shoots. Almost any third party lens can be easily adapted. I find myself using the A7 more and more for experimental photo shoots, just playing around and trying things that would be almost impossible and a lot less fun with a DSLR. Shooting and holding the lens rather then attaching it takes a little practice, the super sharp EVF comes into play big time and it is a fun way to shoot for a change. I much prefer seeing the finished image as the session progresses, rather then applying a blur in post. The resulting images are more to the point because if you see it right away, you can adjust the posing to suit the degree of blur and perspective. I hope you enjoy the photos!

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2 thoughts on “Model of the week: Rachael, shooting with the Sony A7 and Series E lenses

  1. floatworld

    Mike, I love your work so much. I’ve been coming to your blog for over year now I’m always amazed at the posts that you share. They are the most creative and high quality of the many photobloggers. I like to see the different things you’re doing with the Sony A7 camera as I’m strongly considering picking up one for myself. Again, great work and we very much appreciate your contribution to photographic excellent by way of this blog.

  2. Joel

    Mike, the montage works really well. Having the other ‘personas’ of the subject combined in this way is a very painterly technique and your treatment brings this out. Sam Haskins did a lot of this in-camera multiple exposure thing with film very successfully too. It can’t be stressed enough how important mucking about can be!

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