Model of the day: Yanina: Full Impact: When corner sharpness does matter

Model of the day: Yanina: Full Impact: When corner sharpness does matter


Shot with the Sony A7r, the classic Voigtlander Skopar 25mm f4 (I had the Zeiss FE 16 35mm in the back but it never made it onto the camera).
Currently obsessed with a Wegee type of approach,
love the low shutter speed/flash combination.


Note the purple smear towards the edges? The Color Skopar works great on my A7s and is perfect for these kind of pictures when a vintage look adds to the overall feel. Love that lens on the Sony A7s and for B/W snaps but certainly wouldn’t use it for anything “serious”. I do love the Zeiss FE 16-35mm, a killer wide angle zoom on any of my A7 bodies.

As for the flash, I have a few old quantum guns.

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9 thoughts on “Model of the day: Yanina: Full Impact: When corner sharpness does matter

  1. mike.kobal Post author

    Thanks Holly. Yes, I noticed this effect from time to time, not always but on all my a7 bodies, doesn’t effect the actual image.

  2. Holly

    Hi Mike, Great shot. I have question about non-Sony flash on the A7 series.

    When you fire your Quantum flash, does the white balance in the EVF shift?

    I am shooting with an A7 and using a non-sony flash (Canon) set manually. When I look through the EVF to compose, the white balance is normal. Then after I take the flash exposure shot, the EVF will be overly warm in color cast, then slow shift back to correct white balance. The white balance is set to Flash (lightning bolt) and the EVF is set to no show effects, so technically it’s properly setup.

  3. Richie

    love it and I would love to watch how you do it :) I will give it a go at the wedding today … maybe

  4. Staton

    Great to see you back in action. Nice photos…love the look, color, and slow shutter speed/flash combo!

    Staton Winter

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