Model of the day: Inga

Model of the day: Inga

having fun with the Sony RX10II after our real shoot, playing the paparazzi game
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One thought on “Model of the day: Inga

  1. Laurence Zankowski


    To spend a day on the streets from 4:am till 9:pm, yes a long day but I tend to do power naps, with you. Just to remember how to capture the feeling, not so much the shot, but the feeling, the mystery and surprise of an unguarded moment.

    The shutter drag imagery you are getting remind me of the voyeur aspect of the 70s disco celebs you would see in the trendy fashion/ music/ art mags.
    Love looking at your work, might make me get on Instagram just so I can see what the mighty mike the trickster is up to.
    Be well
    Laurence Zankowski

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