Meike A6300 battery grip, the good and the bad

Meike A6300 battery grip, the good and the bad

Sony A6300 with the Meike A6300 battery grip and the ProMediaGear bracket for the Sony A7II with battery gripand my favorite wide angle lens, the Sony 10-18mm.
after a hard day’s work (still hot:)

So you have been thinking about this grip

there are a few hidden benefits if you already have the Meike battery grip for the A7/A7ii series. It uses the same battery tray and you can mount the ProMediaGear bracket to add attachments. Very nice indeed.
To use the remote and or vertical shutter release, you will need to attach the provided USB cable and connect the grip to the camera. Skip that part.
Holding it with the grip attached adds security since it provides more space to wrap your fingers around, this is subjective of course.
The grip still wobbles after tightening the screw with plumbing pliers (don’t do it, you might break the grip) temporary work around, gaffa tape around the inner edges/contact points of the grip, adds significant stability. Searching for self adhesive cork tape, that should do the job, for now gaffa tape works.
You will also loose easy access to the memory card since you have to remove the grip, use usb connection.
With two batteries inserted, the grip is still very light. My favorite part is the ability to attach the MediaProGear bracket. This turns the A6300 into a practical work horse. More to come…stay tuned

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4 thoughts on “Meike A6300 battery grip, the good and the bad

  1. Christian Waldegger

    Hi Mike, made the same decision. Used the A6xxx series for my climbing, hiking outdoor photography.
    Never happy with the handling from a stills shooter perspective.
    Love the fuji for all the analog style dials :-)

    Schiane Griass


  2. mike.kobal Post author

    hmm, I have the Velo for the A7rII, no drain issue and no ghost aperture shifts :) time will tell, going to keep an eye on the battery levels.

  3. Josh Souza

    I’ve purchased two of their grips, one for the A7 and another for the A7II. They both had a battery drain issue, don’t think I’ll ever buy one of their grips again.

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